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Please use the form below to introduce yourself and provide a link to, or information about your audiobook(s). I accept requests from authors, narrators and publicists.

A review copy of your audiobook or audio play can be accepted in the following formats:

  • If your audiobook is supplied via Audible, a copy of the review will be also be posted on Audible for you.Digitally via Audible AU or Audible US
  • Digital Download via .m4a Apple format
  • MP3 (digital download or on CD)
  • Standard CD
  • A region-free DVD or Blu-ray

If your recording is in a different format, please enquire.

Allow up to 4 weeks for the review to be published, however there is usually just a 1-2 week turnaround time. You will be advised in advance if a review will take longer than 4 weeks.

My tastes are eclectic so I am pleased to accept English-language audiobooks or audio plays from all genre.

By requesting to have your recording reviewed, you open the recording up for criticism and therefore confirm that you have the authority to offer a free copy of the recording to be reviewed. You acknowledge that you will be provided with an honest and neutral review based on the reviewer’s opinion. You accept that the review will be published and not removed if you do not like or agree with the opinion of the reviewer. Any incorrect information in the review can be amended upon your advice however all amendments are at the reviewer’s discretion.