Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 1, by Sean Platt & David Wright

There are three seasons of the post-apocalyptic serial, Yesterday’s Gone, with the first of six episodes in series 1 released as a free download through audible.

The story begins as a slow burner as, one by one, the handful of remaining humans wake to find themselves alone. Unsure what has happened, each reacts differently, from disbelief to fear or elation.

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 1, by Sean Platt & David Wright, read by multiple narratorsUsing multiple narrators, Yesterday’s Gone switches from one reader to the next to tell each person’s initial tale. As a general storytelling rule of thumb, characters are introduced slowly to a story rather than all at once, with some usually associated with the same plot, helping the listener or reader to keep track. In Yesterday’s Gone, each character is on their own path, with no interaction between any until very late in the first episode. Authors Sean Platt and David Wright compensate for this by giving each character around 15 minutes to establish themselves and their plight before moving on to the next person.

The cast is a mixed bag but generally good to great, with Ray Chase, R C Bray, Brian Holsopple, Chris Patton, Maxwell Glick and Tamara Marston taking to the microphone. The structure of the storytelling means the initial episode remains episodic within itself, with the story resetting each time the next character is introduced. Further episodes will undoubtedly begin to advance the story more smoothly now that this set-up pilot has established the basics.

Yesterday’s Gone is an intriguing listen, despite the storytelling technique used. Seeing events unfold from the confusion of so many viewpoints doesn’t help piece together what has happened, leaving the listener hanging on for more. There is a minor payoff by the end of the episode which creates a longing to keep listening. Yesterday’s Gone sounds like it’s going to be an enjoyable series for those who choose to keep going and its listener ratings on Audible at the time of writing certainly support that notion – all three seasons are rating higher than 4/5 at the time of writing.

The first two seasons of Yesterday’s Gone are available as boxed sets or by purchasing individual episodes. The final season is only available as a single download. Episode 1 was released in April 2014 with the final season released in June 2015. Episode 1 runs for approximately 2 hours and 55 minutes. Details of the full series and the available download options can be found on audible.


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