Deep Sleep Hypnosis, by Mindfulness Training

The full title of this soothing audiobook is spot on: Deep Sleep Hypnosis: 30 Minutes of Positive Affirmations to Attract Success, Happiness, & Confidence While You Sleep.

Deep Sleep Hypnosis, developed and presented by Mindfulness TrainingOver the course of half an hour, a soft-spoken, uncredited female voice floats over the top of ambient music and sounds of nature, offering repeating messages of affirmation and positive thinking. The soundscape and voice are beautiful to listen to and it is difficult not to let your mind simply drift atop the waves of gentle dreaminess.

The narrator offers affirming and consistent messages about receiving and giving happiness, love, humour, passion, purpose, relaxation, peace, respect, self-confidence, self-approval and personal choice, amongst many other uplifting ideals. The entire soundtrack provides a sense of purpose and harmony that is designed to send the listener to sleep feeling good about one’s self and the world.

The internet is a goldmine of information and entertainment but it has also engineered an overwhelming world of fear, isolation and mental health issues. The value of a recording like Deep Sleep Hypnosis cannot be underestimated. It not only encourages a restful meditation and, hopefully, a more peaceful sleep, but the positive affirmations can only serve to help counter the stress and negativity that daily life now heaps upon us.

Despite attempting to remain alert and focused while listening to Deep Sleep Hypnosis I did find it difficult not to drift off and just let the soundscape take over. This is a recording I will listen to time and time again for the sheer relaxation and feel-good after-effect it has.

Released by Mindfulness Training in March 2017, Deep Sleep Hypnosis is available through Audible. I do not recommend listening to it while driving or operating machinery.


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