Mermaid Inc., by Caroline Mickelson

If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be reading chick lit, let alone a mermaid romance, I would have laughed in your face and gone back to my Matthew Reilly. If you’d then told me how much I would enjoy it, well… let’s just say the men in white coats would be on their way.

Mermaid Inc., by Caroline Mickelson, read by Carly RobinsRomance author Caroline Mickelson has managed to change my view with this funny, romantic tail…err… tale, that’s anything but wet behind the ears. Not since Daryl Hannah’s 1984 mermaid film, Splash, have I dove into such a genre so enthusiastically.

Mermaid Inc follows the foibles of Miranda, a gorgeous, red-headed mermaid who is granted legs by the Undersea Rescue Society to stop Morimoto Industries from whaling. She has 14 days to complete her task and return to the sea, or risk dissolving into sea foam when the magic wears off.

To achieve the impossible, Miranda is placed as a housemaid in the home of hunky businessman Justin Lockheed under the cover of the Mermaid Inc cleaning service. On land, Miranda discovers that life is not only different, but far more complex than she ever expected, from learning to cook, to discovering television, understanding currency, falling in love with fashion and even deeper in love with her boss.

With the aid of a smart-mouthed bird named Goldie, who guides her through the comical trials and tribulations of land life, Miranda becomes torn between her two worlds while trying to find a way to save the whales.

This is a fun and whimsical romance read by the delightful Carly Robins who hams it up just enough get the laughs while keeping it real. Ask any actor and they’ll tell you comedy is harder to play than drama because the timing and delivery has to be so exceptionally good to get the laugh. Robins does just that, landing plenty of chuckles and a number of laughs from Mickelson fine writing.

It’s a romance, of course, so it’s not all sunshine and sea shells for the hero. Mermaid Inc follows the tried and true path of all good romances – love at first sight, a conflict to tear them apart, and a happy-ever-after to leave you feeling that all is right with the world. It’s light-hearted despite the environmental twist, balancing the more serious underlying message with the froth on top.

Running approximately three and a half hours, the audiobook of Mermaid Inc. was self-published by the author in August 2014 and is available through Audible.


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