Sensation, by Kevin Hardman

I’m a bit over superhero stories. I used to love them, and then Marvel and DC decided to flood the market to the point that it’s near impossible to keep up with the ridiculous amount of films and TV serials they’re releasing. They’ve shoved everyone else out the way and seem to use their juggernaut marketing machine to promote an infinite number of stories that now just seem to be recycling the same format. If not for the unique costumes, I wouldn’t be able to tell which film I was watching most of the time.

Sensation, by Kevin Hardman, read by Mikael NaramoreThat’s just film and television. I haven’t even begun on the books, graphic novels, comics and merchandising. It’s at the point that I’ve quit even trying to keep up. Now I catch the odd film that looks like it’s not from the same cookie cutter (Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool) and that’s about it.

Then there’s Sensation. In this over-crowded superhero existence that we live in, even Kevin Hardman’s surname has the makings of a hero’s moniker. The pen is mightier than the sword, and Hardman is a clear winner in the battle of brains and brawn.

Sensation is fresh, unique, interesting and exciting. Stopping at only four marvellous adjectives is my own super power when I’m this excited.

Sensation is the story of high school student Jim, a gifted young hero known as Kid Sensation who battles evil under a different moniker following a tryout for the prestigious Alpha League of superheroes that went horribly wrong and forced him into hiding.

Set in a world where superheroes are the norm, Hardman has created an environment that provides structure to the growing number of heroes, from the A League to The Academy where young heroes learn to control their powers. On the flip side, a cartel of six villains are just as organised in their quest to capture and control Kid Sensation.

Hardman writes a great yarn, making the unbelievable believable through the development of his credible world and its population of fully rounded characters. He’s planned out the different heroes and their powers in a way that offers great variety and gripping conflicts.

Reader Mikael Naramore offers a youthful voice that is full of the strength and determination of Kid Sensation’s first-person narration. He provides a range of recognisable voices for the other characters, from the feminine to the deep baritone voice of the No. 1 hero, Alpha Prime.

Naramore enhances the excitement of Hardman’s words with his youthful exuberance, making Sensation a true sensation to listen to.

Released by I&H Recherche Publishing in April 2016, the audiobook of Sensation is the first in a series of Kid Sensation adventures. It runs for approximately five and a half hours and is available through Audible.


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