Under the Moon Book 1: The Full Moon, by David Neth

David Neth’s new witching anthology series, Under the Moon, launches with this first volume about two sisters and their battle against evil.

Under the Moon Book 1: The Full Moon, by David Neth, read by read by Nathan WeilandThe action is fast paced in this attention-grabbing thriller, but often to the point of feeling rushed. As Neth speeds along with his story, he skims over any real emotional depth, particularly in response to events which are tearing the sisters apart. The action is akin to a rollercoaster, offering a thrill ride worth having but ultimately not giving any lasting satisfaction.

With no disrespect to Nathan Weiland’s talent, he is an odd choice for narrator given the leading characters are both female. It puts him in the position of having to use soft or falsetto voices for the majority of the audiobook, which does get tiresome by the end. It’s a shame too, because his reading makes all the characters believable. He nicely realises all the unique personality traits, and he’s spot on delivering the naturalistic and often funny dialogue.

Under the Moon Book 1: The Full Moon was released in March 2016 and is available from audible.


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