Limelight, by David Neth

Despite being a very short story, Limelight provides an interesting character study of an unlikable, egotistical actor who is struggling to satisfy his craving to stay in the public eye.

Limelight, by David Neth, read by Andrew RussellHaving such an intriguing main character makes for fascinating listening and leaves you wanting more by the time the character’s journey concludes.

Running only 17 minutes, expectations are small for any kind of complexity, with most short stories focussing on plot rather than in-depth characterisations. Not so here. David Neth provides a very well fleshed out central character and a decent, personal story.

Narrator Andrew Russell nails all the characters, from the over-enthusiastic radio announcer, to the main character and his wife. All the characters were distinct and believable, including the minor ones.

Although short and sweet, Limelight is a good choice for a quick listen, both in the writing and the reading of it.

Limelight was self-published by the author in April 2016 and is available through audible.


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